How to Solve a Logic Puzzle

If you're new to grid-based logic puzzles, this tutorial will teach you the basics. Start with the "Introduction" first, then move on to the tutorials discussing specific clues or solving methods. Each tutorial contains a number of different slides - you can advance to the next slide by clicking "Next slide" at the bottom of each page, or by using the circled numerical links below each slide. Choose your specific tutorial from the list below to get started.

  • Introduction
  • True and False Clues
  • Multi-Elimination Clues
  • Neither/Nor Clues
  • Either/Or Clues
  • Greater/Lesser Than Clues
  • Unaligned Pair Clues
  • Transpositions
  • Parallel Cross Eliminations
  • Skewed Cross Eliminations
  • Pseudo-True Pairs (Aligned)
  • Pseudo-True Pairs (Staggered)
  • Transitive Relationships (Either/Or)
  • Transitive Relationships (Unaligned Pair)
  • Comparative Relationships
  • Trial and Error
  • Taking Notes

  • Neither/Nor Clues

    • Slide #1

      Neither-nor clues may look pretty straightforward, but looks can be deceiving... always pay special attention to a clue when you see the "neither/nor" construct being used. (You'll see why in a bit.)

      Here's an example of a neither/nor clue: "Neither Laura nor Daryl got the Sagittarius tattoo."

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    • Slide #2

      This one is easy enough, as Laura and Daryl are in the same category.

      Laura didn't get the Sagittarius tattoo, so we mark a false relationship there. Daryl didn't get the Sagittarius tattoo, so we also mark a false relationship there.

      In this case, that's all the information we can extract from the clue. But things aren't always so simple with neither/nor clues...

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    • Slide #3

      Here's an example of a slightly more complex neither/nor clue...

      "Neither the pink tattoo nor the Pisces was Sheila's."

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    • Slide #4

      Just like before, we can mark two false relationships - Sheila didn't get the pink tattoo, and Sheila didn't get the Pisces tattoo.

      But is that all? Or is there more information in the clue waiting to be extracted?

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    • Slide #5

      Take a closer look at the "neither/nor" construct. It's telling you more than just "Sheila wasn't pink", and "Sheila wasn't Pisces." It's also telling you that the pink tattoo wasn't the Pisces.

      Why? Because the "neither/nor" construct tells you that the two items being discussed in relation to Sheila (i.e. the pink tattoo and the Pisces tattoo) are two separate entities.

      Think of it this way... If the pink tattoo and the Pisces tattoo were the same tattoo, it would make no sense to use "neither/nor" in the clue - it would be like saying "Neither Bob nor Bob was the electrician."

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    • Slide #6

      This is probably one of the most frequently-missed logical deductions, so it's important to remember. Some puzzles will be completely unsolvable unless you extract this "hidden false" from a neither/nor clue.

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